Crawling Gear

For more information about the Prototype:
Crawling Gear is a small Fun Prototype I made together with some collogues in our sparetime. I was the vision keeper and the 3d and Environment Artist. The Tank and the Soldiers was created in Modo + MOP Booleans Kit. I used PixaFlux to create the rounded normal edges, Substance Painter to paint the textures and Blender to render the scenes.

The Prototype itself was created just in a couple of weeks in Unreal Engine 4. Thx to Chris Dreher, Simon Denkhaus, Ahmad Beyrouthi and Boba Subin for the support on the Gameplay Prototype. Thx also to Chimera-Entertainment for the great support and for letting us working on this during our Focus Days and on the weekends in our office in Munich.